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Greenhouse by Joost

Like most collaborations we engage in, an idea, a vessel, a stage, a fellow creative or a business that we “befriend”, an idea is presented and a brainstorm is too interesting to not pursue.

By Joost Greenhouses and Joost Bakker himself are too innovative to resist not getting involved in. Think the eccentric professor in Back to the Future meets David Suzuki meets Heston Blumenthal and they have, we don’t know... a love child... that’s Joost... How could you not get involved when he brings giant pieces of scrap timber and says this is the art piece for the next Greenhouse can you do a painting on it and I need it tomorrow or can you get in a crane at Sydney Harbour and paint all night those containers I’ve placed on the water’s edge?

Our answer: “Yes, Joost!!”

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